Pregnancy Calendar III



Third trimester of pregnancy lasts from week 28 until delivery. It is advisable to visit doctor/midwife:

  • At least every four weeks during 28-36th weeks of gestation. You will be questioned about complaints and mood disorders. Common procedures are weighing, weight gain assessment, measuring fundal height, measuring blood pressure, questioning about the nature of the baby’s movements, and listening to his or her heartbeats. From week 30 of pregnancy, it is also assessed the fetal state in the uterus and whether Your baby is in breech position or in the normal head-first position.
  • During 36-40th weeks of gestation, every 2 weeks. Common procedures are assessing weight gain, measuring blood pressure, fundal height, questioning about the nature of the baby’s movements, listening to his or her heartbeats and fetal state in the uterus. Also, you will be questioned if there are any changes in vaginal discharge. You’ll probably be asked to repeat urinalysis. If necessary, repeat the blood test for hemoglobin assessment.
  • During 40-42th weeks of gestation at least once a week.

A prolonged pregnancy is defined as one that lasts longer than 42 weeks. The most common practice is to induce labor by the end of the 41nd week of gestation. In case of twins it is recommended after 38 weeks of gestation.

Pregnancy Calendar

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